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Family Mediation Forum Limited was originally incorporated in 2001, but over more recent years has expanded as Mediation has increasingly become the first choice for separating couples to use as a process to help them resolve all of the issues which can arise at this difficult time.

We offer our Mediation services to both privately funded clients and also to clients who are eligible for Public Funding (Legal Aid). Publicly Funded clients will have their mediation funded entirely, which contrasts with Solicitors Legal Aid which maybe repayable at the end of the case.

Family Mediation Forum (“FMF”) offers mediation at a number of locations (see our location list).

- We are able to offer you a prompt initial appointment and in really urgent cases, offer a first individual meeting within 72 hours.

- If you proceed with mediation you can do so in confidence that your case will be allocated to a Mediator whose experience is appropriate for your particular case.